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How to Pick the Perfect Beer

It’s summertime, and there’s nothing you’d like more than to kick back with a snack and an ice-cold beer. But how do you know which snack goes best with which beer? Does it even matter? This month we’ve rounded up some of the best beer pairing advice out there, so that you can make the ultimate choice when it comes to flavor combos or make something all your own.

What is Beer Pairing?

Just like wine, beer is a complicated drink with a large and varied flavor profile. There is a different type of beer out there for everybody- from sweet to sour, heavy to light. due to this wide range of flavors, some foods naturally pair better with certain beers more than others. Ultimately a dish should work in tandem with the flavors of your drink, creating a unique dining experience. Clashing flavors can not only disrupt the taste of both the beer and the meal but leave you feeling a little worse for wear. Though this may sound complicated, we promise it’s not! The best rule of thumb is to not overthink it. If you know you’re in the mood for a light beer, pair it with a lighter and more mild meal. The same goes for richer foods and heavier beer. Never go after flavors you expect are going to clash, but instead combos you know and love, like salty and sweet or nutty and fruity.

Picking a Pair

although beer is a very popular drink, most consumers tend to have one or two favorite styles. For instance, you may be a fan of dark beer, or always steer clear of IPAs. Because your taste in beer is likely much more specific than your taste in food, it’s best to start your pairing with the drink.

If you’re into crisp, light and wheaty:

  • Go for a dish with bold flavors like herbs, or saucy dishes that turn up the heat. Light beers are known for their refreshing, cool tastes that will balance out any powerful meal.
  • Bold doesn’t just mean spice! Light beers also pair well with heavy fruit flavors and pastries.
  • Café Recommendation: our buffalo chicken wings beer buddy, or a slice of apple pie.

If you love IPAs and other craft beers:

  • IPAs are known for their amber color and bitter, herbal taste. The hoppy flavors pair great with some salty, meaty, cheesy classics.
  • Beer and fries are always a good decision, but with IPAs you’re sure to be satisfied.
  • Café Recommendation: Curtis Park Fries

If you love an ale, both amber and brown:

  • Although these two beers have distinctly different tastes (amber is malty while browns are nutty), they both pair well with most meats.
  • Amber ales go best with highly seasoned chicken and barbeque, while brown ales can go with milder meat dishes, and even fish.
  • Café Recommendation: Chicken tenders and fries

In the end, the beer you like best is a wholly personal choice, based on your literal good taste! As long as you’re enjoying it, you can’t go wrong. When in doubt however, reach out to the staff at Café Dantorels, and we’ll find the perfect pairing for your beer.

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