Why Should I Eat Local? 

When deciding where to get dinner, it’s all too easy to choose your favorite fast-food joint. This is totally understandable- it’s quick easy and cheap. You feel bad though, you’ve always heard it’s better and healthier to eat at local businesses. But then again how do you even know that eating local is a good thing? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered and broken down all the reasons why eating local might be the best choice for you. 

Easy on the Body 

When eating from a high-quality local restaurant that sources their food from nearby partners, you’re more than likely guaranteed to enjoy a meal with less preservatives and fillers. This means fresher meat, fresher veggies, and a higher variety of spices and other unique ingredients. knowing your chef is in the kitchen cooking your meal as you order it also ensures that an extra quality check is being done on your food. No need to worry about frozen items or prepackaged ingredients that are past their expiration date. 

Easy on the Environment 

For many of the same reasons that local food can be better for you, local food can also be better for the environment. The shorter distance your ingredients have to travel the less emissions need to be used to transport them, and the less pesticides and preservatives need to be used to keep them fresh. It also means that local farmers are receiving more incentives to continue to grow fresh items and raise healthy livestock.  

Helping Out Your Neighbor 

When you enjoy a meal from a locally owned restaurant, you are directly contributing to the economy of your town. The funds you used to pay for your meal are not only being used to continue to run said restaurant, but to pay staff who work and live in the area. Staff then spend this money in town and continue the cycle of fueling the local economy. 

Unique Eats 

When restaurants aren’t owned by corporations, they’re afforded the opportunity to get creative with the dishes they serve. This means daily specials, new recipes, and ingredients used in more creative ways. Every time you go out to eat local you’re likely to find something new on the menu to get you excited and to shake up your routine. Where else can you trust that you’ll find your comforting favorites when you want them as well as something fresh when you need it? 

When it comes down to eating local is a personal decision, but there are very few cons to stopping by a local eatery. The next time you’re hungry consider coming into Cafe Dantorels to sit down for a meal, or to order takeout to enjoy at home!