Our Story

A Vision of Community Cafe

Dantorels was first established in July 2012 by a husband and wife team. The restaurant industry was a new world for them. Their backgrounds up until then had been in healthcare and engineering. What they did know was great food. That, and the vision they had for a community table in the city they loved, Sacramento. One they would want to sit down at with their own family.

Take a Seat at the Table

What is it about sitting down for a good meal that sparks connection for people? The warm food, clinking glasses, and heartfelt laughter. We all know this moment. When the concept for Cafe Dantorels was first developed, this was our vision. We wanted to capture this collective memory at every service: a loving community table for friends and family. For almost a decade, we’ve been doing just that.

Something for Everyone

The recipe for a neighborhood-centered restaurant starts with the menu. At Cafe Dantorels, we don’t just have the best food in town. We have food for everyone. Our wide-ranging menu of American-style cuisine has options for all to enjoy, at any time of the day: from early-bird breakfast to evening cocktails. So, scooch over - we’re adding more seats to the table!


Some of the best conversations are started over a freshly-popped bottle of Cabernet. And Cafe Dantorels has something for every wine lover, whether you’re team red or white. If cocktails are more your thing, we always have lots of tasty options. And don’t forget about the beer. We have a great selection of tantalizing craft beers to wash your burger down with. So, I guess what we’re saying is - we’ll see you at breakfast for mimosas!


Cafe Dantorels has been all about creating better relationships with our neighborhood from the very beginning. In so many ways we have fulfilled that mission, but we don’t intend on stopping anytime soon. Our welcoming atmosphere, friendly staff, and incredible food are what we’re known for, but it’s the connections we’ve created at the table that we’re most proud of. Cheers to many more years. We can’t wait to have you at our table!


Since 2012 Cafe Dantorels has been supplying Curtis Park with expertly crafted cuisine. From the beginning, Cafe Dantorels set out to become a destination where you can experience a wide selection of delicious food, excellent coffee, red or white wine, and craft beers all in a community-centric atmosphere. 



  • Monday to Sunday from 8am - 10pm