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Overcoming Picky Eating

Believe it or not, picky eating is not something that only children struggle with. For a variety of reasons, adults can deal with picky eating well into their later life. Luckily, there are ways to overcome it. With so many delicious foods in this world, Café Dantorels believes in letting as many people get a …

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How To Build The Ultimate Burger

When you’re craving a burger, you know Café Dantorels is the place to go. Did you know that there is a method for the creation of each of our unique burgers? We’re sharing the ultimate guide to building the perfect sandwich creation at home and helping you identify a well-crafted burger elsewhere. Step 1: The …

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Foods That Cool You Down

In the heat of the summer, the idea of a big meal can make us feel a little queasy. Nothing feels worse than a full belly in 100-degree weather. However, did you know there are foods that are proven to cool you down? It’s true! If you’re feeling overwhelmed this summer, try some recipes featuring …

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