Foods That Cool You Down

In the heat of the summer, the idea of a big meal can make us feel a little queasy. Nothing feels worse than a full belly in 100-degree weather. However, did you know there are foods that are proven to cool you down? It’s true! If you’re feeling overwhelmed this summer, try some recipes featuring these delicious ingredients to help lower your internal body temperature and refresh you instantly!


It will probably come as no surprise that a summer staple like lemons actually has the power to cool you down! Citrus fruits in general are known for their juiciness- something which can hydrate you on its own. Even better, it’s a natural flavor that can encourage you to drink more water when used as an additive. Maybe all of those lemonade stands were onto something…


Another juicy fruit, mango has a high water content to help hydrate you. Even better than that, however, are the vitamins and antioxidants within the fruit. The boost you receive when eating a mango can help your cells gain the power they need to hydrate faster and cool down your internal body temperature.

Zucchini and Cucumber

These two related vegetables are another example of a natural food made up almost completely of water and vitamins. Eating them boosts your internal water content while providing your body with the necessary chemicals to cool you down. They’re also thought to help fight free radicals, which can be a problem for some during the summer.

Fennel Seeds

Fennel seeds are down for their ability to aid digestion, which could ease heat-induced nausea and allow you to drink a little more. They have been used for centuries after meals as a way to cool you down, relieve gas and even freshen your breath!

Chili Peppers

This one may come as a shock, but chili peppers can actually help cool you down. They do this by kicking your body’s natural cooling mechanisms into gear. When you eat a hot pepper, you naturally begin to sweat. If you’re feeling too warm, sweating is your body’s way of using the power of evaporation to lower your body temperature. 

You can find several of these cooling ingredients and more in some of Café Dantorels signature dishes. Still, if you’d rather beat the heat entirely, you can visit our indoor dining room and enjoy an air-conditioned meal.