How Should You Like Your Eggs?

So, you’re at Café Dantorels for breakfast, but you haven’t given any thought to how you’d like your eggs. You could go classic scrambled, but you’ve done that before. Maybe over easy? What does that really mean anyway? Worry not, we’ve broken down the difference between every style of egg, so that you never have to second-guess breakfast again.


This classic egg style is a standard breakfast staple. It’s made by cracking an egg into a pan and quickly mixing it up so that the yolk and whites become one. It is then continually mixed and broken so that the final egg is in individual pieces rather than a solid. Often, chefs will combine the egg with milk, cream or water in a bowl beforehand to make the final product creamier.


Over-easy eggs are a gently fried dish made by cracking an egg into a greased pan and letting it cook as a whole before flipping it. The key to making it “over-easy” is to make sure the yolk stays intact, but runny when broken into. This is accomplished by cooking the egg on one side until the edges slightly brown, then flipping it and frying it for a few brief moments. The whites will be cooked enough to hold shape, but both them and the yolk will maintain a soft and runny texture.


As you can probably expect, over-medium eggs are over-easy eggs that have been cooked slightly longer. The benefit of this technique is that the egg whites become fully cooked through and lose their drippy texture, but the yolk stays runny. It’s the best of both texture worlds!


Over-hard eggs are the last in the fried egg trio, and the firmest of the bunch. By cooking them for the longest amount of time, the egg whites and yolk stay separate within the solid, but both have a firmer texture more similar to scrambled eggs.


Poached eggs are an interesting blend of a classic boiled egg that maintains the classic egg shape, and the runny, soft textures of other cooking methods. Many chefs use a special egg poacher to create this style of dish, but you can also swirl a cracked egg into boiling water and swirl it around to draw it together. The result is a soft, blob-shaped egg that is perfect for sandwiches and toast!

Sunnyside Up

A sunnyside up egg is very similar to an over-easy egg, except it’s not flipped while it’s cooking. This prevents any sort of film from forming over the yolk, keeping it nice and runny. The name comes from the yolk shining up at you during the whole cooking process!

Whatever type of egg you decide to order, Café Dantorels promises to make a delicious meal every time! Come in for breakfast ever day and try something new with us.

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